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Visa, Linx, Lifa,Waveform Chart, Waveform Graph etc..

 Posted by  Vivek Singh on July 11, 2015

Intro to Labview :

LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) is a graphical programming environment which has become prevalent throughout research labs, academia and industry. 

It is a powerful and versatile analysis and instrumentation software system for measurement and automation. Its graphical programming language called G programming is performed using a graphical block diagram that compiles into machine code and eliminates a lot of the syntactical details.

Whenever you will open labview, Goto File>New Vi. 
You will see two windows open. 
The one with lines is Front Panel. The one with white background is block panel. 

Front Panel and Block Panel

What is Front Panel? 

Front Panel is basically where you will make the GUI of your program. Some basic things to add to your front panel can be like LED , Graph , Indicators etc..

What is Block Panel? 

Block panel is where you will do all the coding. Well not some coding like C or Java or C#. But you will do Graphical Programming in which you will have to attach to different wires to create a logic.

What are Controls, Indicators, Constants? 

Controls-These are basically variables whose value we can change at the time when our program is running. These mostly act as input to a function. 

Indicators- These are used to show the output of some function whether the result to be shown is Boolean or numeric or string.

Constants- These are constants like in normal programming whose value we cannot change while our program is running. These are also used as Input to a program.

Now let us see the basic use of these by an example:

To add two numbers:
 1. On block panel ,Right click to open function palette. Then click on numeric.          Drag the Add function to block panel.

2. Now you have to define two variables to add. Right Click on Front panel, Goto Numeric and Drag the First numeric control to front panel. Drop another one to define second variable.

3. You will notice that there are two blocks on block panel now. Now bring your mouse close to the arrow shaped part of block, its symbol will change to

4. When the symbol appears, click and attach it to the addition block input part. Do the same with second variable.

5. Now to display the result of two numbers. On Front panel, Drag a Numeric indicator. Attach the output of add function to arrow part of indicator block that appeared at block panel.

6. Lastly, just press running continously button. 
Now the vi is running continously. Change the values of controls on Front panel and you will notice the change in output value. 


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